Outdoor Provision

At Pebbles we enjoy being outside with the children, no mater what the weather. We have a fantastic playground including our wonderful fire truck for all the children to use. Nunroyd park is also right on our doorstep, and we utilise this as an extension of the nursery

Our Fire Truck.
Our Friendship rainbow to make sure no-one is ever on their own. We are all friends.
Baby Garden sensory plants
Mud Garden to make mud pies and dig for worms.
The friendly horse in the park the children go to visit.
We like to feed the swans and the ducks.

Lovely Winter Walks in our Beautiful Park

We’re making the most of the winter weather by taking our babies out for some lovely pram walks. We have single, double and triple buggies so we can take our children out to explore the outside world. They love to see and listen to the birds in the park, as well as watch the squirrels and ducks on the pond.

Winter 2019

As the winter has arrived, we have been very busy tidying up our outdoor area. The children really wanted to help to sweep up the autumn leaves and put them into the wheelbarrow.

 Autumn 2019

The children are enjoying this time of the year at Pebbles.  They are looking at how the colours of the leaves are changing on the trees in the park.  All of our children have been out collecting conkers and have enjoyed using them for varying activities.  The children are helping to keep our playground tidy by sweeping up the leaves with their brushes and popping them in the wheel barrows, before putting them in the compost bin. We love Autumn.

Spring 2019

Now that Spring is finally upon us, we are wanting to enhance our outdoor area. We are inviting staff and parents to come along on Saturday 6th April, 10am – 1pm, to help us. If you can spare us an hour or two, please let us know. It would be great to see lots of parents there.

Winter 2018

Winter is upon us and we await our cold, snowy, icy fun. Already we have had a few frosty mornings. Some of the spiders webs are looking very pretty.

Autumn 2018

Leaves, leaves and more leaves are falling into our playground! The children are loving sweeping them up, throwing them around and wheeling them around in their wheel barrows. Autumn is so much fun!

Summer 2018

Our outdoor play area has seen an injection of colour and some fab new, improved areas. The children have had lots of fun playing in our new wigwam and with our musical instrument area.

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Spring 2018

Spring has sprung! The days are getting warmer and the leaves on the trees are begining to grow again. On our spring walks we have seen lots of flowers beginning to grow and have heard lots of birds singing in the trees.

We are all looking forward to the summer ahead. With the weather getting ‘better,’ the outide play area will be seeing some fantastic new additions. Chloe, our outdoor co-orinator, has some brilliant ideas to revamp our music area and our mark making area, as well as injecting some fun mathematic toys into our play space. We watch this space with anticipation!

Winter 2017/18

Winter is upon us and so are the cold, cold days. Please make sure your child has warm clothing with them so they can enjoy our snowy, winter days.

The children have already begun to investigate ice they have found on tables and toys outside. Winter is a magical time of year that provides many fantastic learning opportunities outside.

Autumn 2017

Autumn is creeping up on us. Please could all children bring welly boots to wear on our ever increasing wet days.

We are blessed to be surrounded by parkland so the children will start to observe the changes of the trees and surrounding park.

Summer 2017

The sun has finally arrived. The children are enjoying the sunshine, lathered in sun cream and wearing their hats. The creative area to the back of nursery is under revamp. We now have 2 extra large reels to use as tables.

The astroturfing is now underway too. The kids have been fascinated by the the workmen and loved to watch the diggers at work.

With Jade leaving us to start her new career as a teacher, Chloe has taken over as outdoor co-ordinator and we look forward to new resources and inspiration for our outdoor play.

Spring 2017 

The spring months have brought wind and rain but the children have also enjoyed spending time outside, making memories and developing friendships.

We are excited for our new astroturf area to the front of the nursery. The babies’ outside play area and the sand area attaching to the main playground will be astroturfed, to ensure year-round outdoor play for all.

Winter 2017

As the winter months have inevitably taken its toll on our lovely outdoor area, Jade has now injected some new life into our outdoor space.

Jade (in the ducklings room) has taken over as outdoor co-ordinator. She has lots of experience developing outdoor areas within the early years sector. She will be working with all our staff to make our playground fun and exciting for the children.

Jade has some great ideas to enhance our music area. She has already started to refurb our mud kitchen area and our new role play area is also underway with a post office for the children to use their imagination, as well as developing maths, literacy and mark making skills.

We aim to link all areas of the EYFS into all our outdoor play, as it gives the children the chance to explore the natural world whilst developing lots of skills.

Please remember we like to play outside in sun, rain and snow so please ensure your child has approriate clothing/footwear in order to play. Thank you.

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Summer 2016

A huge thank you to the parents and staff that helped create our wonderful new outdoor play area- it looks amazing and the children love it!

We now have our very own Fire Engine Climbing Frame up and running. The children have loved exploring and developing their physical (and social) skills at the same time. We are trying to encourage children to move out of their comfort zones and partake in a little bit of risk taking.

Learning through play is so important to Pebbles and this has really helped!

The parents that helped during the weekend were:
John  (Charlie’s Daddy)
James  (Henry and Eva’s Daddy)
Kurtis  (Maddison’s Daddy)

Also Louise (owner)

Steven (Louise’s husband)

Claire  (Manager)

Amy  (Deputy Manager)

…Plus  Sian  for compost collection, Janice, our volunteer staff member who helped out with garden skills in the discovery garden.


In order to enhance the outdoor area, we created various wonderful water structures. We also turned the shed into a cosy Book Den as well as creating a Mud Kitchen for some ‘hands on discovery sessions.’

We also prepared the vegetable troughs in the Discovery Garden, for the children to plant and grow their own vegetables! (so self sufficient of them!).

We have purchased the following resources:

-A new water tray.
-Balls, hoops, physical development toys.
-Magnifying glasses.
-Baby sand & water trays.
-Sand & water equipment.
-Digging resources such as spades, trowels and forks.
-New creative resources.
-More tables and chairs for the children.
-Small ICT resources.