Outdoor Provision

At Pebbles we enjoy being outside with the children, no mater what the weather. We have a fantastic playground including our wonderful fire truck for all the children to use. Nunroyd park is also right on our doorstep, and we utilise this as an extension of the nursery

Our Fire Truck.
Our Friendship rainbow to make sure no-one is ever on their own. We are all friends.
Baby Garden sensory plants
Mud Garden to make mud pies and dig for worms.
The friendly horse in the park the children go to visit.
We like to feed the swans and the ducks.

Walks in our Beautiful Park

We make the most of our enviable location by taking our babies out for some lovely pram walks. We have single, double and triple buggies so we can take our children out to explore the outside world. They love to see and listen to the birds in the park, as well as watch the squirrels and ducks on the pond.