Ducklings: 14months – 2 years of age (1:3 ratio)

Meet the Ducklings team: Steph (Floor Manager and Room leader), Jacki, Sarah, Mina, Kenzie, Debbie, Kelly, Lindsey and Sue


We believe that children need to feel safe and happy within the ducklings room. Therefore building secure relationships with the children is extremely important so they can explore and develop. In the ducklings room we feel if the children are happy then we are happy.

Our Activities

We provide a variety of sensory activities involving natural objects, for example treasure baskets, so that the children can explore, discover and investigate the world around them. We like to focus on the here and now and therefore adapting activities to follow the children’s interests.

In the ducklings room we find that the children  really develop through messy play so we encourage this through different activities for example painting, gluing, water, flour, baking, shaving foam, gloop and play dough. This is not just letting them explore different textures but is developing for future skills for example strengthening muscles for pencil control or using pouring skills to develop their mathematical skills and beginning to understand the concepts of full and empty. We also enjoy playing outside whatever the weather.