New Resources

We have had some exciting deliveries of new toys for the children in all the playrooms and for the outdoor areas.

Some of our new toys include:

  • 3D mirrored shapes
  • soft touch farm animals
  • sensory sponges
  • outdoor traffic lights and road signs
  • assorted construction foam bricks
  • puzzles and jigsaws
  • wooden tools and stampers
  • lots of sand and water toys (indoor and outdoor)
  • natural resources for exploration
  • an infinity mirror
  • glitter tubes
  • construction stacking pegs
  • prams
  • regular and multi-cultural musical instruments
  • measuring equipment; balancing scales, rulers, tape measures etc
  • low level play table
  • children’s colourful jigsaw style stools

We bought most of our new toys from Talking Turtle, which is an excellent educational resource site.

The children have enjoyed exploring the new toys, both inside and outside of nursery.