Our Rooms

At Pebbles, the children are separated into five groups, by age, each having their own specific room as per the following:

‘Ladybirds'(4 months -up to 16 months)

Staff/Children Ratio is 1:3.

We refer tladybirds_av2o our babies as the ‘Ladybirds’ because they are new to the world and are nurtured and kept in a safe environment. Pebbles offers a warm, caring and stimulating environment with a plentiful supply of toys to encourage their development. We also provide lots of sensory play for our Ladybirds such as painting, sand, water and gloop for them to explore. Our Ladybirds can enjoy a relaxing day as we follow their individual routines.

‘Ducklings'(16 months – 2 years)

Staff/Children Ratio is 1:3.

Duckling-14We refer to our toddlers as ‘Ducklings’ because they waddle around to feed their curiosity. The Ducklings have a fun, stimulating and exciting room that encourages them to begin to be independent whilst still having lots of cuddles. Our Ducklings have a variety of activities and have lots of fun exploring and experimenting with the various toys provided. They will also experience quiet times for calmer activities or resting/ sleep time. Sensory play is again provided in this room and we also spend time outdoors. Each Duckling is learning to develop a sense of self-worth and individuality.

‘Bumblebees’ (2 years – 2 years 6 months)

Staff/Children Ratio is 1:4

bumblebee-30666_640We refer to our older toddles as ‘Bumblebees’ because they buzz around, being highly energetic and they are creative explorers of their surroundings! This environment is very stimulating and sociable. The children in this room learn by doing! Our Bumblebees enjoy playing in different areas, such as literacy, mathematics, music, water & sand, art & design areas and areas to understand the world and enhance their knowledge and experiences. They have a wide range of friends and they enjoy conversation and putting their increasingly widening vocabulary into practice during their play.


(2 years 6 months – 3 years 6 months)

Staff/Children Ratio is 1:4 for under 3 years and 1:8 for over 3 years

dragonflyWe refer to this group as ‘Dragonflies’ because we are preparing our children for the next steps before they go onto ‘Pre-School Butterflies.’ Our children are starting to learn their independence, they love to ask questions and use their senses to explore their surroundings. They especially enjoy venturing out into the park and our outside area they learn through trial and error. We support our children to keep trying, if they do not exceed at first we support them to try and try again! Our ‘Dragonflies’ are creating real friendships and searching out for their friends when coming in to play.

‘Pre-School-Butterflies'(3 years 6 months – 5 years) Staff/Children Ratio is 1:8

imagesWe refer to this age group as ‘Butterflies’ because the 3 and 4 year olds are spreading further afield to explore their surrounding environment. They are becoming much more independent, inquisitive and adventurous. The children in the pre-school room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, as identified by the government, as being fundamental to good pre-school education. There are seven areas of learning and each of these areas has goals that each of the children are encouraged to meet. In our Butterfly room we feel that it is still important for the children to have fun and excitement in a stimulating and challenging environment. We also emphasise the importance of care and concern for others, respect for cultural diversity and ourselves. Our Butterflies will also gain understanding and tolerance of others, as well as recognising the importance for rules and controlling own behaviour. But most of all we enjoy learning through play.