imagesPre-School-Butterflies: 3 years 6 months to 5 years of age (1:8 ratio)

Meet the Butterflies Team: Megan (Floor manager/ Room leader), Becky S, Becky St, Katie L, and Janice (volunteer)

We believe that every child is unique and our aim is to provide fun, stimulating learning experiences catered to each child’s individual needs whilst providing an environment which is calm and homely. A Strong emphasis is placed on learning through play as we believe at this stage infe218ee74505705b4bdddf5f7d96ec60 a child’s development the learning process should be as interesting and enjoyable as possible. We support our children to have care and respect for each other, through strong relationships with our early years practitioners and we strive to be positive role models for the children at all times.

We aim to plan and provide activities and play opportunities to develop your child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities to their full potential. At the end of their time with us we hope they will be resilient, capable and self-assured before their transition to Reception. We support our children in their move towards independence within a caring and secure environment where every child is treated equally.

We aim to provide as many learning opportunities as possible to aid our children’s development both indoors and outdoors. Our love of nature and the outdoors is very important to us and the children are encouraged to care for their garden and the wildlife within it. We take time to be in the park when we can, so they can explore the surroundings.

Our Activities:

Our children are always on the go exploring all the different areas we have on offer:

  • Sand pitaf44b44978964830727a941b3927902d
  • Water tray
  • Small world area
  • Home corner/Role play area
  • Construction area
  • Maths area
  • Mark-making area
  • Creative area- painting easel and model making
  • Book corner
  • ICT area
  • We also enjoy baking in our baking area.

Within each area there are many different opportunities for the children to experience whether it is experimenting with different painting methods to building constructions. Toys are changed regularly in each area in line with thier interests so that the children can continue to be stimulated within the environment.

What we have been up to:

We enjoy our registration routine where we learn about  days of the week, the season and the weather. The children like to talk about what they have been up to during news time

The children in pre-school have been very busy watching some chicks hatch and helping to care for them.