Ladybirds: ladybirds_av24 months to 14 months of age (1:3 ratio)

Meet the Ladybirds team: Ellise (Room Leader), Lucy, Liberty,Shell and Amy C

Here in the ladybird room we are all about nurturing and comforting babies. We believe it’s important to create a secure and safe environment for our babies to thrive.

Our Activities

We love to get our hands messy in many different ways whether it’s painting, water play or food play. We carry out lots of different activities to keep our little ones occupied. Some of the activities we like to do include: Sand play, Water play, Custard play, Cereal play, Body painting, Singing, Stand up activities, Noisy activities, Musical instruments, and of course lots of cuddles!

The ladybird room is all about messy play, sensory play and trying to create a home from home experience ensuring they settle well into the new setting. Each child will be assigned a key worker that is best suited to them, whom they will form a close bond with. We adapt to the children’s routines to meet their individual needs and ensure they are made to feel safe and secure, and enjoy their time in the ladybird room.

What we are up to:

We enjoy getting outside as much as possible to explore the gardens, feed the ducks at the local pond and seeing the new baby ducklings, we visit the pet shop and go for a swing at the park.

You will see a variety of the children’s art work displayed around the room.

Babies LOVE messy play!!!! we enjoy making marks in flour play and shaving foam play. We enjoy using our senses in rice , jelly, mushy pea, soup, porridge and spaghetti play, the children enjoy using their taste sense especially when we play in the rice crispies and jelly play YUM, YUM!