Our chicks are hatching!

As part of our ‘Animal Growth’ topic for the Bumble bee and Butterfly rooms, we have been keeping eggs in an incubator, waiting for them to hatch. Today, on day 21, look what has just happened…

Some of our chicks have started to peck their way through the egg shell.

Then, they started to hatch. They came out all wet and struggled to stand up but they were still chirping lots!

Over the course of the day, we have had 4 chicks hatch; a mixture of silky and lemon sable breeds.

After an hour in the incubator to dry off, we transferred them to their new pen where they are currently cuddled up together and making friends.

A few weeks later….

We managed to raise 5 healthy chicks and at nearly one month old, our Farmer, Richard has just picked them up to go to their new home. They have grown so much in the last month. They are now able to flap their feathery wings.

The children loved the chicks so much that we will hatch more next Easter and we hope to keep them as part of our Pebbles family, in their own pen outside.

We can’t wait!