Ducklings: 13months – 2 years of age (1:3 ratio)

Meet the Ducklings team: Emily (Room leader/ floor manager), Jacki, Lizzie, Debbie, Amy, Sarah, Lauren, Lucy, Kati, Gail, Chloe, Sue and Mina

We believe that children need to feel safe and happy within the ducklings room building secure relationships with the children so they can explore and develop through the three prime areas of learning.In the ducklings room we feel if the children are happy then we are happy.

Our Activities

This is achieved by a variety of sensory activities involving natural objects for example treasure baskets that the children can explore discover and investigate the world around them. We like to focus on the here and now and adapting to the children’s interests at that time and encourage children’s learning with activities they can access easily at any time around the room.

In the ducklings room we find that the children are really developing through messy play and encourage this through different activities for example painting, gluing, water, flour, baking, shaving foam, gloop and play dough. This is not just letting them explore different textures but is developing them for future skills example strengthening muscles for pencil control or using pouring skills to developing there mathematics and starting to understand the concepts of full and empty. We enjoy playing outside whatever the weather.

What we are up to:

We follow our children’s interests which is why our main focus is sensory play as it is the most focused part of our children’s learning through play. We are creating a holiday display board which we would love our parents to bring photos in, this will also link onto ‘families’ as we feel it is important for our children to have photos of people close to them that they can see.