Fun at Pebbles

August 2017


August saw the preschool children having fun at the park. The children enjoyed exploring outside in our “August summer sun”!! In August we lost 30 preschoolers to school. We want to wish them all luck as they start school. Have lots of fun.


The Dragonflies have enjoyed dressing up and playig in the sand and water trays. The children have also enjoyed Outside play this month.


The Bumblebees have had lots of fun playing outside in the summer sun and rain!!! They ahve also played a lot in the role play area and with the small world toys.


The ducklings children have made lots of lovely pictures using chalks. They have had fun on the mini slide and enjoyed the summer sun outside.


The ladybirds have been outside playing in the baby garden. They have enjoyed playing wit the sensory toysand with th sensory board. Rice crispy play and lots of fun paintig

July 2017


In July the children have been gettig ready for school. We have been dressing up in school uniforms, talking about our worries as well as our excitment for school.The leavers made a teatowel with their habd drawn pictures on, mums and dads and Grandmas loved them. July saw some of our preschool children leave so we hosted a graduation party.


The Dragonflies have been having lots of fun making and flying paper aeroplanes and making airports out of the bricks. The dragonflies have some new wind up cars that they have enjoyed playing with. Many of the dragonfly children have had fun drawing on the whiteboard as well as enjouing dancing and a bit of Yoga.


The bumble bees have had lots of fun this month dancing, painting with shapes, playing in the sand and water trays and lots of fun in the “summer” sun!!


The Duckling children have all had lots of fun with the room kitted out with soft play. Bubbles, shaving foam and water beads have been a great hit. Some new books in the room have been well read this month too.


The babies have been exploring sensory play with ready brek mark making, bubbles, painting, flour play and our new big water mat. The babies have enjoyed the ball pool and exploring their new outside area.

June 2017


In June all the children have been very busy. We have looked at germs and te importance of washing our hands. We have also looked at our bodies after exercise- how our hearts and breathing changes. The children have enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies. We were sad to see them go when we released them into the garden. Name regognition and self registration has been a big part of preschool this month -part of our school readiness.


The dragonfly children have had fun playing with dinosaurs and creating charcole pictures. Dolls- dressing them up and changing their nappies has been enjoyed by the boysand girlsaswell as enjoying the magic music box at carpet time.


The bumble bee children have enjoyed lots of outside play in the sunshine. Water play featuring highly in thier days. They have also enjoyed making some lovely Fathers day cards.


The duckling children has thoroughly enjoyed outdoor play especially water play. Some fab fathers day cards have been made as wellas some great string pictures. Some of the Ducklings have been busy baking and some have enjoyed body painting too.


The little ladybirds have made some lovely fathers day cards too. A new washing machine meant a fab big box to play in and decorate. The kid loved it!A few new starters had some settling in sessions and a few of the children moved up to the Ducklings roomhave fun.


May 2017

All the kids photos look fab.


All the preschool children have been having fun. Hairdressing has been a big hit with both boys and girls. Pretending to cut and curl hair has lead to a lot of paper and scissor practice.

The children have posed beautifully for our leavers photo.


The Dragonfly children have enjoyed playing in the glittery sand and making marks with car wheels and trucks. The children are also enjoying a bit of sun outside.


Lots of messy play has been lots of fun for the bumble bees with corn flour and painting, as well as baking buns to sell at the Muddy Puddle walk.


The ducklings have enjoyed lots of messy play too as well as creating lots of spring artwork.


With a few new starters to the room the Ladybirds have been busy making new friends and welcoming the new starters into the room. With lots of creative and messy artwork as well as our favouite ceareal play to crunch and munch the time away!


April 2017


This month all the children have had lots of fun making and creating Easter/ spring crafts and artwork. Using pastel colours and egg and bunny stampers, our paint rack has never been so full!

Boys and girls alike have also had lots of fun playing with transformer toys as well as washing the baby dolls with soapy water and sponges.

Messy play has been a big thing in preschool this month, we have has shaving foam, gloop and soil play all of which have captivated the childrens imaginations finding and using toys from around the room to aid their play.


The Dragonfly children have been having lots of fun this month. They have been getting creative with Easter crafts. They have been making and creating trains in the room role playing going on a journey. The children have also really enjoyed story time this month with Andrews fabulous story telling and some new books to captivate them all.


The Bumblebee children have been making lots of lovely Easter crafts and have enjoyed the spring weather playing outside.


The little Ducklings have been enjoying the spring wether outside and many are gaining confidence on the play equipment especially going down the slide. As well as continuing with Easter crafts the children have also enjoyed a lot of messy play including gloop and shaving foam play.

Some of the Ducklings have enjoyed visits to the Bumblebee room, moving up to the room soon.


The babies in the Ladybird room have had lots of sensory fun, playing with cereal, water beads, mono painting and much more. The Ladybirds have also been enjoying the spring weather getting out for lots of walks in the spring sun.

The ladybirds have had a few new childrn start in the room and some are visiting the Ducklings room.

March 2017

Hope all you Mummies had a fab Mothers Day


This month Preschool have had lots of fun dressing up as superheros and flying around the room saving the day. The children have enjoyed making superhero smoothies and taste testing them along the way.

Baking has played a big pary in preschool this month too. The children have made and decorated buns and chocolate crispy buns to sell to help raise money for the Diabetes awareness week. The children have also had fun making and decorating gingerbread men.

This week in Preschool we have incubated some chick eggs. The children and staff from all rooms, watched and waited as the eggs began to crack and the chicks began to hatch. We all watched in amazement as all the eggs sucsessfully hatched into cute and fluffy little chicks.

The chicks will stay with us for a short time before they head off to live happily on a farm. We will watch, observe, feed, play with and look after the chicks until they are ready to go to their new home.

20170317_135153       20170317_135150



The children in preschool have already enjoyed drawing pictures of chicks and aggs, ahead of Easter.



The Dragonfly children have had a busy month. The children have enjoyed listening to the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ reading this story has led the children draw pictures and develop role play based on the story.

Both boys and girls have had fun dressing up as princesses and dancing to frozen!!

With spring in the air, the children have developed green fingers and helped Andrew plant some plants for our outdoor area.

The children have also enjoyed visiting our small feathered friends in preschool.


The Bumblebees have had lots of fun this month painting with different objects- balls, bricks and animals were but a few. The children have been singing with puppets and having a messy time in gloop.

Role play in the home corner has been a big hit this month too.

The children have helped raise money for the diabetes awareness week, by baking buns to sell.


The duckling children have been busy this month painting and sticking to make their fantastic spring display of spring animals. Animal noises and numbers were incorporated into creating their display.

The Ducklings have had a fab time exploring the mud kitchen outside in the discovery garden – Stirring, tipping and scooping.

The children have also started to make some Easter crafts.


The babies have been having lots of fun this month with a lot of messy and sensory play.

The babies have enjoyed mushy pea play, painting  and rice crispy play, as well as clean painting and lots of sensory activities including playing with their fantastic new sensory board.

The babies have also enjoyed lots of walks in the lovely spring sun.

February 2017

The children in all the rooms been really busy this week creating fantastic Valentines Day cards. – Have a lovely Valentines day.

Over the past few months children in all rooms have been amused and excited to watch out of the window, a man with his dog with an ever growing following of ducks from the pond. Everyday a gentleman and his dog walk over the grass outside the front of nursery feeding a gathering of ducks. The group of ducks has grown in size over the months and has sparked off an interest with the children. We will shortly be trying to hatch our own ducks/chicks in order to advance this interest of the children

January 2017

27th January 2017

Chinese New Year was celebrated this week. The children in Butterflies and Dragonflies were tempted to try some traditional chinese food. Duck pancakes, prawn crackers and different sauces were all tried and enjoyed.

We are all looking forward to a fantastic 2017


Christmas is fast approaching and glitter and sparkle is a common theme in every room. We would like to say sorry in advance for spreading this glitter far and wide – your car; your drive; your front room!!!!

Snow this week has been a favourite for all the children at nursery. All the children have enjoyed playing in the snow and gaining valuable educational experiences using all their senses.

Bonfire night is always a night that sparks imagination and expression from the children. Our pre-school children have enjoyed telling us all about the bonfires and fireworks displays that they attended. They used their experiences to create fabulous artwork.

As the weather is getting colder and the season is changing  the children are enjoying getting wrapped up warm and going out for Autumn Walks.  Most of the rooms have been out in the local park collecting conkers, leaves and sticks to make some wonderful art work for their rooms.

We are shortly doing a charity event for breast cancer care the event is called  “The Big Pink” and all children and staff will be dressing up in pink clothes or fancy dress. The event will take place the week beginning 17th October.

30th August:

We have all been having fun in the sun, and been going out into the local park and playing games. The babies have been out for pushchair walks in the fresh air, and all children have been getting messy!!!

These past 2 weeks have been very busy at Pebbles.  The children have been continuing with the Olympic theme and displays are up in the nursery.  They have all been outside enjoying the sunshine and most rooms have been for local walks.  The Teddy Bears picnic happened on the 10th August and the children and parents took part in the search for the Teddy’s in the park.

The week 25/7/16 has ended and all rooms have had a lovely week:-

Ladybirds have had lots of new babies visiting who will be joining our Pebbles family very soon. They have also got very messy playing in beans, rice pudding, cereal and body painting.

Ducklings went on a trip to Ilkley park and played on the swings and fed the ducks.

Bumblebees have been musical and used their own musical box. Their singing has been lovely to listen to. They have also been getting messy inside and outside.

Dragonflies like Ladybird’s have had new children in for visits. Whilst these children have been visiting they have joined in with dressing up as fire fighters, builders and princesses.  Some children have brought some toy aeroplanes from home and they have been sharing them with their friends.

Butterflies the children have shown an interest in Space and have spoken about Tim Peake. They  have also been pretending to be pirates and have been looking for treasure.  Over the coming weeks they will be focusing on the Olympics and activities will incorporate elements that link to this.


The beginning this week 25/7/16 has seen the start of our holiday club on Tuesdays. The children enjoyed games in the park with the coach Steven Light (Louise’s husband) who is a qualified teacher. Photos will be uploaded soon. They had lots of fun playing football and cricket as well as flying kites. The children also enjoyed singing the song “let’s go fly a kite”. Im sure the local dog walkers loved to hear the children sing.

The nursery is quieter at the moment as some children are on holiday and others have left to start their new adventure.

There is still lots going on within nursery and as always the children are accessing the outside area.  We will aim to update you with what is happening in the rooms very soon.