Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions our parents regularly ask, if you have any other questions please email Pebbles.


Q) Can I only claim my 15 funded hours in Pre-School? 

A) Yes, you can claim your 15 free hours only, there are two different options on how you can claim the free hours.

1. 1 day and a half which is equal to 15 hours.

2. 3 mornings/afternoons of 5 hours each.


Q) Do you offer two year old funding?

Yes, if your child is eligible then you can claim this funding from the start of term after your child’s 2nd birthday.


Q) When can I claim my 15 free hours for my 3 year old?

A) Your child is entitled to their free hours, the term after their third birthday (January, April, September).


Q) When do I receive my invoice and when is the payment due?

A) You will receive your invoices around the 25 th of every month and our payments are due the 1 st of every month.


Q) Can I access policies and procedures?

A) Yes, they are located in the front foyer and they will also be emailed to you when your child first starts at Pebbles.


Q) Is there anywhere I can store my pram/car seats?

A) Yes, located in the front entrance is a pram store. We ask parents to fold down their prams where possible to create more space for other parents.

Q) Does Pebbles accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we are registered with all major childcare voucher companies.


Q)How do I notify nursery that my child will be on holiday?

A) We ask parents to notify nursery by emailing  with confirmed dates. We offer half fees if 2 months notice is provided.


Q)When do I need to notify nursery that my child will be on holiday and is there any discount when my child is on holiday? 

A) We ask parents to provide 2 months notice when going on holiday. If enough notice is given you will be given half fees for your child’s holiday days.